Mongolia 2007

Welcome to look at my photos from my travel from Sweden to China, with stop in Mongolia.

Here I stand in front of the Great Wall in Badaling, Beijing.

Summer 2007 I did a long travel, both in time and distance. I was away from home whole of july, and I did travel all the way to Beijing in China with train. From Stockholm to Helsinki with ferry, from Helsinki to Moscow with train. From Moscow to Beijing with Trans-Mongolian Railway.

I did a stop in Ulan Bator, Mongolia for 2 weeks and did a round trip in the countryside of Mongolia.

Another 30 hours on train to Beijing. Tree days in Beijing, and finally eight hours in air.

Photos from first week from Stockholm to Ulan Bator.
Photos from Ulan Bator.
Photos from Naadam festival.
Photos from first week in countryside.
Photos from sekond week.
Photos from train beetween UB and Beijing.
Photos from Beijing.
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You can also go directly to www.flickr.com/photos/hgolofsson/sets/

I store this photos on Flickr. I am told that Internet users in China could not reach Flickr but maybe you can use this link (same pictures). If you still have problems - send a mail (look at contact-side).

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